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Jintropin HGH

Jintropin Hgh is manufactured by GeneScience Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. China, and contains synthetic version of Human Growth Hormone – Somatropin (191 amino acid sequence GH) that is identical to endogenous HGH. Jintropin comes in 10IU vials each containing lyophilised powder form HGH.
Human growth hormone (HGH) is a hormone produced and excreted by the somatotrope cells of the anterior pituitary gland. It is a single-chain protein composed of 191 amino acids with a molecular weight of approximately 22KD.
GH secretion has many direct and indirect effects on the human body. Firstly, it stimulates liver to produce IGF-1. Also, GH promotes muscle growth, fat reduction and weight loss; is able to increase energy and stamina and reduce effects of stress. In addition, it improves sexual vitality, memory function, mental alertness, immunity and is also known for its positive effects against aging.

Uses of Jintropin HGH

Growth Hormone has many applications. Some are listed below:
1)  In Growth Hormone Deficiency
2)  Treatment for small gestational age (SGA) and intrauterine growth retardation (IUGR)
3)  Treatment for Idiopathic Short Stature
4)  Used in AIDS Wasting and Cachexia
5)  Treatment for Short Stature Caused by Turner’s Syndrome and/or Prader-Willi Syndrome
6)  Treatment for Growth Problems Caused by Short Bowel Syndrome
7)  Improper Growth in Children with Renal Disease
8)  Body Building Enhancement Drug
9)  Weight Loss Drug
10)  Anti-Aging Drug
11)  Treatment for Children with Rheumatoid Arthritis
12)  Osteoporosis Treatment
13) Treatment for Children with X-Linked 15)Hypophosphatemic Rickets (XLH)
In addition, GH is indicated to promote wound healing and to attenuate catabolic responses in severe burns, sepsis, multiple trauma, major operations, acute pancreatitis and intestinal fistula. Somatropin also has topical application to promote wound healing in acute wound or chronic ulcers, burns, diabetic foot ulcers, chronic venous ulcers and decubital ulcers.
Jintropin hgh is contraindicated in patients with brain tumours, intracranial lesions and in children with closed epiphyses.

Warnings and precautions

Treatment with Jintropin hgh should be monitored by a qualified physician. Before starting treatment with Jintropin Hgh:
In diabetic, patients insulin dosage may need to be adjusted
If a patient is suffering from chronic renal insufficiency the renal function must be tested. The treatment should be terminated after renal transplantation.
Possible side effects should be considered in patients over 60 years of age
Prolonged treatment in adults should be closely monitored for any possible adverse side effects
Jintropin hgh should not be used in pregnant or breastfeeding women

Dosage and administration

The dosage should be determined by your doctor and depends on body weight/surface and cause of GHD deficiency:
In paediatric GHD treatment a dose of 0.5-0.7 IU/kg body weight/week is recommended
In Turner’s syndrome: a dose of 1.0 IU/kg body weight/week is recommended
In chronic renal insufficiency: a dose of approximately 1 IU/kg body weight/week is recommended. Higher doses may be needed if growth velocity is too slow; after 6 months of treatment dose may need to be tailored according to response or any side effects
In adult GHD an initial dose for about four weeks of 0.125 IU/kg body weight/week is recommended.
To treat severe burns or multiple injuries dosing should start from 8IU/day, and once blood sugar is stabilised, can be increased to a daily dose of 16IU/day
For major operations, daily dose of 12IU
The weekly dose should be divided into 7 subcutaneous injections. The injection site should be varied to prevent lipoathrophy.

Adverse reactions

Side effects have been noted in approximately 10% of the paediatric patients, most common being local skin reactions. In adults, side effects present in approximately 30 to 40% of the patients, related primarily to the symptoms of fluid retention (oedema), however, not severe and reversible over time.
More severe side effects include hypothyroidism, nausea and/or vomiting, severe and recurrent headaches, visual problems. Seek medical help if you are experiencing prolonged side effects.
Instructions for Use and Handling

Lyophilised powder should be reconstituted with a suitable solvent: dissolved gently, with a slow, swirling motion. Do not shake vigorously to prevent denaturation of the active ingredient.
The powder form has a shelf life of 24 months if stored at 2-8°C, or for one month if kept at room temperature. Once reconstituted, must be stored at 2-8°C for no longer than 2 weeks, away from direct light. Do not freeze.

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