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Anadrol Oxymetholone is a powerful oral steroid for increasing size and strength.

60 Capsules



Anadrol, also known as Oxymetholone, Anapolon, A50, or A-Bombs, is a synthetic and orally active 17α-methylated derivative of dihydrotestosterone (DHT derivative).

Anadrole re-creates the effects of Oxymethalone (known as Anadrol, one of the most powerful anabolic steroids in existence) but without the side effects. It increases red blood cell production, enabling them to shuttle more oxygen to your muscles, delaying fatigue and delivering immense muscle gains


Red blood cells carry oxygen around your body. When your muscles aren’t getting enough oxygen, tiredness sets in and your power output drops, putting an end to your workout. To power intense workouts, your muscles need more oxygen. Anadrole increases your red blood cell production, allowing more oxygen to be carried to your muscles. This extra muscle fuel means you’ll be stronger, more powerful, and able to work out for longer, leading to fast muscle gains. And because oxygen also plays a key role in your recovery, you’ll be ready for your next workout in no time. Anadrole is rocket fuel for your muscles, delivering mind-blowing pumps and energy surges, allowing you to perform better, recover faster and pack on some serious size gains.
*SAFE & LEGAL Anadrol Alternative
*MEGA Increase in Muscle Mass
*SUPER Strength & Stamina
*FAST Recovery
*NO Needles or Prescriptions
*RAPID RESULTS in Less Than Two Weeks